About Us

Buy Happy®. Once you get it, you’ll never want to buy a car without it.

To understand Buy Happy®, you need to understand the principles behind it. There’s a stigma attached to car buying, and it’s one we don’t much care for – so at Morrie’s, we do things a little differently. Buy Happy® is car shopping the way it should be; zero pressure, hassle-free, and transparent.

Our information-rich salespeople are compensated based on the number of vehicles they sell, regardless of price. Put simply, this means that they’ll try to find the best vehicle to suit your needs – not the one that will put the most money in their pockets. Speaking of pricing, all of our vehicles are clearly marked with our Best Price First, Pure and Simple™. No haggling; every guest pays the same low price. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s Buy Happy®.

At Morrie’s, it’s all about the experience. Whether that’s buying, selling, or servicing, we’re committed to providing the Twin Cities with the best automotive experience possible. Ultimately, that’s what a dealership’s reputation is based upon – and that’s what has set Morrie’s Automotive Group apart.

Buy Happy® is car buying the way it should be. Fun. Informative. Honest. Easy. Rewarding. Affordable.

And you can only Buy Happy® from Morrie’s Automotive Group.
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