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Supporting Minnesota’s
Black Designers

In partnership with Black Fashion Week MN, the Morrie’s Fashion Forward Scholarship helps up-and-coming local designers further their skills with fashion design and business courses.



Black Fashion Week MN is a platform designed for the talented and Brown creative designers of all things fashion.

BFWMN has created a community for Black fashion creatives through events, social media, and partnerships. BFWMN promotes Black Excellence, education, and embracing different perspectives. To find out more about Black Fashion Week MN, follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

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At Morrie’s, we’re here not just to serve our customers, but our communities—to help us all move forward, together. That’s why we are proud to partner with Black Fashion Week MN to celebrate and help further these incredible up-and-coming local designers’ skills with Morrie’s Fashion Forward Scholarship.

Spring 2021

Fashion Foward

Scholarship Winner

It is our honor to introduce Mike Byers, CEO of Energy Gear, as the first-ever recipient of the Morrie’s Fashion Forward Scholarship. Mike is the charismatic and creative force behind Energy Gear, a deeply conceptual and futuristic brand of versatile, unisex clothing and accessories aimed at giving the wearer a deeper sense of connection to the mind, body, and spirit.

Michael Byers was born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama,but quickly found a home and community here in the Twin Cities. Coming from a long lineage of entrepreneurs, musicians, and artists, he’s always had an interest in being a trailblazer in his own regard.“In grade school, I stayed in trouble for selling rubber band necklaces, painted shirts, candy, and anything else a profit could be made from. The mentality has always been there,” Mike commented.

Mike has always had a knack for fashion, but only recently decided to pursue that passion in the form of a career. He tested the waters with selling custom t-shirts and reselling shoes. It was then that starting his own brand seemed within reach.

With that, Energy Gear was born. Energy Gear’s brand is a reflection of life’s positives and negatives, strong mindsets, and passion. “As the brand and myself continue to mature,” Mike explained, “I further realize energy goes much deeper into spirituality, bodily chakras, and is something that can actually spread a positive light in a world that focuses so heavily upon the darkness.”


Congratulations to our Scholarship Winner, Niya Fort!

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