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Morrie’s Offers a Fast and Safe Way to Sell Your Used Car

At Morrie’s, we make selling a car in Minnesota a simple and stress-free process. Our commitment to customer service, fair deals, and a low-pressure atmosphere have earned us over 4.9 stars on Google, making us one of the highest-rated buying centers in the area. At Morrie’s, you can sell your car in 3 easy steps:

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1. Bring in your vehicle and title.

Our Minnesota buying center is conveniently located in Minnetonka, along 394.

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2. Receive an appraisal in minutes!

Our online tool allows you to feel confident you’re getting the best possible offer.

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3. Return home with your payment or trade-in voucher the same day.

We’ll handle all the paperwork so you don’t have to worry about a trip to the DMV.




Can You Sell a Car That is Not Paid Off?

The short answer is yes, if your vehicle is not fully paid off, you can still sell it. Once our team appraises your vehicle, you can compare our offer to your payoff amount to see if you have positive equity, meaning your car is worth more than the amount you still owe, or negative equity, meaning your car is worth less than the amount still owed. Even if you have negative equity, you still have options! Our team is always happy to work with you to find the best course of action for your needs.


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What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Car?

Selling your vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated— when you visit our buying center near the Twin Cities, we’ll work to simplify the process by handling all the paperwork. All you’ll need to bring in terms of documents are your state ID, vehicle registration, and the vehicle title (or lienholder information for currently financed vehicles). Our team will handle the rest! If you’re unsure of whether you have the right documents or have other questions about what to bring, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Should I Sell My Car?

Wondering if selling your car is the right option? If your current vehicle is no longer the best fit for your lifestyle or driving habits, it might be a good time to sell. When it comes to when you should sell your car, we’re always looking for models to purchase and can ensure you’ll always receive a fair price for your vehicle. At Morrie’s, we buy all cars— all makes, all years, and all models, so whether you’re looking to sell your truck or the old family minivan, we’ll be happy to make you an offer!

If you’re undecided about whether or not you want to sell your car, no problem. After getting your vehicle appraised, you can take up to 7 days to think over our offer. Our team is here to help, and you can always contact us with questions or to discuss your options without pressure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Morrie’s Buys Cars?

Yes! We buy cars, even if you’re not buying one from us. Visit any Morrie’s Car Buying Center location, and after your car is appraised, you’ll receive either a written or electronic offer. The offer is yours to keep, and you are not obligated to accept the offer in any way.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me When Selling My Car?

  • A copy of your offer from Morrie’s
  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • All keys and keyless remotes
  • Vehicle registration
  • Your vehicle title or lienholder information for currently financed vehicles.
  • For leased vehicles, your leasing company can instruct you on the required paperwork

Can I Sell My Leased Car?

Yes! Similar to selling a financed car, we will work with the company that holds your lease and determine your equity in the vehicle and the payoff quote.

What If I Owe More Money on My Car than What It’s Worth?

If the vehicle you’re selling has negative equity, meaning the payoff amount is more than its market value or Morrie’s Offer, then it may be possible to roll that amount into the financing of another vehicle. In other cases, such as selling a vehicle without buying a new one, you can simply pay the negative equity difference. Your Morrie’s team member will process the payoff and take care of all necessary DMV paperwork.

What Is My Appraisal Offer Based On?

Morrie’s expert appraisers use four key factors to help calculate your unique offer and will walk you through the process from start to finish.

Can I Negotiate My Offer?

At Morrie’s, we work hard to give you our best offer possible, which means no haggling and no stress.

How Do I Get Paid for My Car?

Once the sale is complete, we will issue you a check payable to the name(s) listed on the car’s title.

How Is Selling My Car to Morrie’s Different?

At Morrie’s, you’re in the driver’s seat. Our expert team will meet you where you are and help find the best solution for your needs.

Do I Need an Appointment to Sell My Car?

While not required, appointments are recommended to provide you with the best possible experience.

Where Can I Sell My Car?

Stop into any of our locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan

How Long Will It Take to Sell My Car?

Receive a check for selling your vehicle in minutes.

Can I Sell My Car Without Buying One?

Yes! You can sell your truck, car, or SUV to us at any time— Morrie’s is happy to appraise and buy your car, even if you don’t buy a car from us.

What If There Is a Lien on My Car?

Morrie’s will reach out to your lien holder and obtain a 15-day payoff. We just need you to provide three pieces of information:

  • Any name(s) on the account
  • The lien holder’s name and phone number,
  • Your account number and social security number.

If there is a previously paid-off lien listed on the title, please provide both the title and release from the lien holder.

How Long Is My Offer Valid?

Your official offer is valid for 7 days, but you are always welcome to re-apply. The total offer may be different after re-applying as the market changes.

When Do I Get Paid for My Car?

You will receive your check on the spot when the sale is complete, and the whole process takes minutes.

Can I Sell a Car on Behalf of a Company?

We may be able to buy your company car depending on the circumstances. For more information, please reach out to one of our business office team members.

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